Cisco exploring options with cable TV operators

In order to help local Indian MSOs upgrade their services to their subscribers, Cisco, a global player in broadband and television networking industry, has announced that they are currently in discussion with several cable TV operators to offer broadband services as well as cable TV services.

Sanjay Rohatgi, Managing Director, Service Provider, Cisco India has said in a recent interview with national daily, Business Line that since MSOs have video content on their side, there can be plenty of partnerships between MSOs and telecom companies. He said, “Most of the MSOs, who we are talking to, have plans to drive the cable broadband scenario. Our country is starved of bandwidth and as we move into the regional areas, cable broadband and the 4G technology will be a perfect complement to each other.”

Rahatgi said that in order to ensure broadband, the company is working on a new technology called Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS 3.0). It will be able to leverage fibre footprint and allow for two-way downloading and uploading paths. As of June 2013, Cisco came out and announced that its digital pay-TV solution reaches to more than 30 million digital TV households in India.