Cine.Ar Play aims to integrate its content into operators’ offerings

Argentina’s OTT platform Cine.Ar Play is planning to integrate its contents into the operators’ offerings. Currently, it is negotiating and performing implementation trials.

One option is to integrate the content into the set-top boxes of traditional pay TV operators, as well as their “play” platforms or multi-device services, explained during the recent edition of NexTV Series South America Cine.Ar Play consultant, Gustavo Monaco.

Another possibility is to provide a folder with 100 contents to the operators that have their own servers to make the distribution with even more higher quality.

“The idea is that we are not competing, we are one more content that can be added to any platform”, said Monaco during a “One to One” session with Karina Castellano, executive director of Cine.Ar Play, held during the event in Buenos Aires, last June.

Cine.Ar Play is the VOD platform of the National Institute of Film and Audiovisual Arts (INCAA) developed together with the telecommunications company Arsat. In May 2017, it had more than 537,000 registered users, a growth of 106% when compared to June 2016. In addition, in May this year registered more than 160,000 total views per month against 53,000 in June of the previous year.

In turn, Cine.Ar Play Android app, launched in October 2016, has already reached more than 71,000 downloads. Recently, the service launched an app for iOS devices.