ChuChu TV amasses 10M viewers in four days

ChuChu TV, the popular YouTube channel in India and Asia Pacific, revealed about a record in its viewership for one of its series. It concerns the Police series entitled ‘ChuChu TV Police- The Train Escape’, which has reached a groundbreaking number of 10 million views in just four days.

The launching date actually garnered four million views and the video was taken to the Top 50 Trending videos across the world. The series is more of a realistic setting with positive messages. With more than 10 million subscribers, ChuChu TV has more than 10 billion total views across their channels in YouTube.

Vinoth Chandar, CEO and creative director of ChuChu TV founder, said: “The thing that stands apart in the Police videos is the fact that these set of videos seamlessly deliver the concept of the joy of sharing, team effort, positive attitude, with all the action and adventure and without an iota of violence”.

He also said that: “Parents also are quite sensitive to what their kids watch and we felt it is imperative to showcase all the excitement without violence, which this particular set of videos is a great example of. Virtues such as instilling positivity, team work, non -violent learning are universal and hence the popularity of this series is evidence to that”.

“We are quite ecstatic the way it’s been received overall with our target group and it encourages us to continue doing great work”, he added.

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