Chile’s Senate approves TVN’s capitalization

The Chilean Senate approved with 23 votes in favor, six against and one abstention the capitalization of public network TVN, which includes an injection of USD 65 million and the creation of a cultural channel.
This way, the Senate approved the report of the Mixed Commission. The document had already received approval in the Chamber of Deputies, so it is now in position to become law. The Minister of the General Secretariat of the Government, Paula Narváez, highlighted the importance of this initiative and said that the new channel will be “primarily oriented to the transmission of cultural content, with a strong emphasis on the child population,” according to La Tercera newspaper.
In turn, TVN’s Trade Union of Workers of the Press Department also celebrated this decision. “The approval of the cultural channel and capitalization of TVN consolidate the public mission of the network. And they aim to generate a more inclusive and democratic society in accessing content and quality programming.”