Chiles Entel Q2 pay TV revenue up 22%

Telecommunications company Entel Chile presented its Q217 report in which it reported pay TV revenues of Ch$ 8.4 billion (USD 12.8 million), up 22% compared to previous year (in local currency) and 5.8% compared to Q117.

This increase was associated with growth in RGUs (+18%), reaching a total base of 135,000 at the end of the period. “The company continued with its selective strategy for this service, focusing on mid and low-income segments offering satellite TV, pushing cross-selling and upselling of packages, in order to improve and optimize service profitability”, Entel said in the report.

Consolidated Revenues reached Ch$ 481.4 billion (USD 738 million), increasing 5% compared to Q216, mainly due to progress in Entel Perú (+31%). However, net income resulted in a loss of Ch$ 2.6 billion (USD 4.0 million), compared to a profit of Ch$ 8.8 billion (USD 13.4 million) in 2Q16, as a result of lower operating income and higher net financing cost, together with lower tax credits booked in the quarter.