Chilean FTA network UCV TV is now TV+

From this November 21, FTA network UCV TV of Chile stopped calling itself like this to make way for its new denomination TV+. This change of name was already being devised by Media 23 Spa company when it acquired 90% of the channel in mid-2017 (the remaining 10% was kept by Catholic University of Valparaíso).

Those responsible for Media 23 Spa, Fernando Gualda and Juan Diego Garretón, announced that 2019 investments will be focused on expanding the coverage of the network (they said that nowadays they reach 82% of the Chilean territory) and on deploying 100% coverage of digital television. In addition, Garretón revealed that during the next month of December the network will begin to be displayed on the Chilean line up of DTH operator DirecTV.

They have the same expansion plan throughout the Chilean territory through pay TV providers for its other two channels: Tateti (kids) and UCV TV (cultural). Managers also indicated that in the future they could launch two more channels.