Chile passes new anti-piracy law

The Chilean Senate approved, by 17 votes in favor and one abstention, the initiative that modifies the General Telecommunications Law to set penalties for the illegal decoding of satellite pay TV signals.
The regulation establishes that anyone who commercialize or distribute a protected pay TV signal illegally, or who, in the same way, import, distribute or commercialize tangible or intangible devices destined to the decoding of those signals will be penalized.
The law establishes fines of between 10 monthly tax units- UTM (Ch$ 481,600, that is, USD 718) and 1,000 UTM (Ch$ 48,160,000, USD 71,000). In case of recidivism, a fine of 20 to 2,000 monthly tax units and the confiscation of the equipment. Those who install the devices will also be penalized with a fine of between 1 and 100 monthly tax units, or between 2 to 200 UTM if they were repeat infringers.
According to Gianpaolo Peirano, Legal Director of DirecTV Chile, the approval of this measure “is a very important step for the country”. “It establishes sanctions for a business that is associated with illegal practices such as the unauthorized decoding of television signals, the commercialization of devices or software that make it possible, and those who distribute them. It does not seek to persecute customers, but penalizes those who profit from the business of satellite pay-TV piracy.”