Chile to create law against pirate set-top boxes

The Chilean senate is working on a bill that seeks to sanction the commercialization and use of satellite set-top boxes for illegal pay TV operations. The Transport and Telecommunications Commission dispatched the bill last week, which introduces changes in the general Telecommunications Law.

Diario Financiero reported that the initiative seeks to attack piracy, which according to estimates, generates losses of USD 70 million. Senator Juan Pablo Letelier, president of the Transport and Telecommunications Commission, said that the project wants to establish “legal instruments to go after those who establish a business with illegal practices, including the importation and distribution of technology that is used to break the rules”.

According to data released last September by companies of the industry grouped in the “Alliance against Piracy”, in Chile there are more than 300,000 illegal pay TV subscribers, which are equivalent to the fifth operator and represents 6% of the market.