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The OTT service of Eros International, Eros Now, is all in for the launching of three new originals in the financial year 2018, after going beyond the brink of 2 million in Q3 (end of December last year). After ‘Salute Siachen’, the new originals of Eros Now will consist of ‘Flesh’ (Siddharth Anand), ‘Smoke’ and […]

ESPN, Fox-Turner and the Spanish Mediapro have formally submitted bids for the TV rights to the Argentine Football Association (AFA). The winner will be announced on Friday. The Spanish Mediapro, which had never been mentioned before, surprisingly emerged as third interested company. The alliance Fox-Turner have time until today to correct “something they wrote and is not […]

HOOQ, the Asian video-on-demand streaming service, is enhancing its content line-up with new movie titles. This will include ‘The Prestige’, ‘Dirty Pretty Things’, ‘There will be Blood’, ‘Zodiac’, ‘Inside Jobs’, ‘The Village’, ‘The English Patient’. The VOD service provider, to recall, is a joint venture between Singtel, Warner Bros and Sony Pictures Television. It allows […]

SES, satellite operator and Globecast, the global solutions provider for media, has entered into a partnership to expand the reach of ‘TRT World’ over the sub-Saharan African regions. TRT World, the international Turkish news platform began its broadcast in the beginning of this year from ASTRA 19.2 degrees East, ASTRA 28.2 degrees East, and SES-5 […]

Nautical channel, the international channel owned by Italian thematic channel producer Giglio Group (also owning Giglio TV, Acqua and Playme), is making its way in South Africa. Upon signing a pact with Discovery Digital IPTV platform, the channel will be delivering content revolving around water sports, boating and sailing. The new channel will be added […]