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QubitTV joins Roku in Argentina

Argentine OTT QubitTV incorporated its full films catalog in Roku, which includes movies from all times into its most outstanding contents. Since 2018 Roku and Qubit have worked in their partnership. Roku offers its technology and develops the native app in the Roku environment, so that Qubit is accessible on Rokus devices, explained Lilian Beriro, [...]

Perú también podría cobrar impuestos a OTTs

La Comisión Económica para América Latina y el Caribe (Cepal) presentó un informe que sugiere que Perú comience a cobrarle impuestos a Netflix y otras apps, y argumentó que, si se implementa la medida, el país podría recaudar más de USD 35 millones al año. En su reporte Panorama Fiscal de América Latina y el [...]

Peru could also collect taxes from OTTs

United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (ECLAC) presented a report that suggests that Peru would collect taxes from Netflix and other apps, and argued that if the measure is implemented, the country could raise more than USD 35 million per year. In its report Fiscal Panorama of Latin America and the Caribbean [...]

UOL oferece o catálogo completo da ESPN no UOL Esporte Clube

A ESPN lança todo o seu conteúdo de canais lineares -ESPN Brasil, ESPN, ESPN 2 e ESPN Extra- no UOL Esporte Clube, plataforma de conteúdo esportivo do Universo Online (UOL). A medida amplia a parceria entre a ESPN e o UOL, com efeito desde o 10 de abril de 2018, que já inclui a ESPN [...]

UOL ofrece catálogo completo de ESPN en UOL Esporte Clube

ESPN lanzará esta semana todos sus canales lineares -ESPN Brasil, ESPN, ESPN 2 y ESPN Extra- en UOL Esporte Clube, plataforma de contenidos deportivos de Universo Online (UOL). La medida amplía el acuerdo entre ESPN y UOL con vigencia desde el 10 de abril de 2018, que ya incluye ESPN Play en el OTT deportivo [...]

UOL offers ESPN full catalog at UOL Esporte Clube

ESPN will launch all of its linear channels -ESPN Brasil, ESPN, ESPN 2 and ESPN Extra -this week in UOL Esporte Clube, the Universe OInlines  (UOL) sports content platform The measure extends the agreement between ESPN and UOL with effect from April 10th, 2018, which already includes ESPN Play in UOLs sports OTT. The agreement [...]

Samsung permite pago de apps y contenido VOD en la factura de Vivo

Samsung y la compañía de telecomunicaciones brasileña Vivo lanzaron esta semana una nueva forma de pago de apps en Galaxy Store, que será conectada directamente a la cuenta del celular de cada suscriptor . El lanzamiento beneficiará a todos los clientes con móviles de Vivo que tengan smartphones de Samsung. Vivo es la primera operadora [...]

Samsung allows to pay VOD content and apps on Vivo’s invoice

Samsung and the Brazilian telecommunications company Vivo launched a new payment method for apps in the Galaxy Store, which will be connected directly to each subscriber’s cell phone account. The launch will benefit all customers with Vivo cell phones that have Samsung smartphones. Vivo is the first operator in Brazil to offer this payment option. [...]

Netflix to roll out its first original Arab series ‘Jinn’

Netflix’s first-ever original Arab series Jinn will be available on its online streaming platform this summer. The six-episode series has been filmed in Jordan. Its the story of a group of teenagers whose “lives are disrupted when a Jinn in the form of a teenage boy appears to them in the ancient city of Petra.”  Jinn feature Middle Eastern talent [...]

Starz Play Video on Demand available in Lebanon

Starz Play the video streaming service was introduced yesterday in Lebanon. The service is accessible at a price of $5.99/month and offers access to the services 10,000 hours of premium content with the ability to stream from several devices such as mobile, tablet, Smart TVs, PlayStation, Android TV, Apple TV and many other devices. The [...]