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The Controlling Agency approved IPTV between ICE and ITSContraloría aprobó el IPTV entre el ICE e ITS

<!--:en-->The General Controlling Agency of the Republic finally legalized the agreement of USD 19,6 millions for the acquisition of the IPTV platform, executed by the Costa Rican Electricity Institute and the company ITS Infocommunication Services. ITS has not received any official communication yet, but according to what NexTV Latam has found out, such communication is expected to arrive before Wednesday. <!--:--><!--:es-->La Contralor&iacute;a General de la Rep&uacute;blica finalmente legaliz&oacute; el contrato entre el Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE) y la empresa ITS Servicios de Infocomunicaci&oacute;n por $19,6 millones para adquirir la plataforma de IPTV. ITS a&uacute;n no recibi&oacute; ninguna comunicaci&oacute;n oficial, pero seg&uacute;n pudo saber NexTV Latam esperan tenerla antes del mi&eacute;rcoles. <!--:--[...]

Telviso is preparing for IPTV Telviso se prepara para IPTV

<!--:en-->Telviso, a telephone cooperative located in the city of Del Viso, in Argentina, is trying to move forward with IPTV. IBM will provide the cooperative with Juniper equipment for its IP&#045;CORE Node. The idea is to renew the IP network nucleus with "greater technology and capacity equipment, which will enable us to render new services, such as IPTV", the General Sub&#045;Manager, Daniel Hoyos explained to NexTV Latam. "The new node will be able to fulfill all IPTV signals' switching and distribution functions to our access network", he assured. <!--:--><!--:es-->Telviso, una cooperativa telef&oacute;nica de la ciudad de Del Viso, en Argentina, tiene intenciones de avanzar con IPTV. IBM le proveer&aacute; equipos Juniper para su Nodo IP&#045;CORE. La idea es renovar el n&uacute;cleo de la red IP &ldquo;con equipos de mayor tecnolog&iacute;a y capacidad, lo que permitir&aacute; dar nuevos servicios, como IPTV&rdquo;, explic&oacute; a NexTV Latam el sub&#045;gerente General, Daniel Hoyos. &ldquo;El nuevo nodo estar&aacute; preparado para cumplir las funciones de switching y de distribuci&oacute;n de se&ntilde;ales de IPTV a nuestra red de acceso&rdquo;, asegur&oacute;. <!--:--[...]

Telsur Chile reached 25.000 IPTV subscribersTelsur Chile alcanzó 25.000 suscriptores a IPTV

<!--:en-->The Chilean company Telef&oacute;nica del Sur (Telsur) recorded 25.000 IPTV subscribers. In July 2007, the so&#045;called "WiTV" IPTV offer was launched, and at present, it is in its second development stage and is available in the cities of Concepci&oacute;n, Temuco, Valdivia, Osorio.<!--:--><!--:es-->La empresa chilena Telef&oacute;nica del Sur (Telsur) alcanz&oacute; 25.000 clientes para su servicio de IPTV. En julio de 2007 lanz&oacute; la oferta de IPTV &ldquo;WiTV&rdquo;, que actualmente se encuentra en su segunda fase de desarrollo y est&aacute; disponible en Concepci&oacute;n, Temuco, Valdivia, Osorio. <!--:--[...]

Telpin Argentina will offer IPTV in 2010 Telpin Argentina ofrecerá IPTV en 2010

<!--:en-->Pinamar's Telephone Cooperative will start rendering IPTV services next year in three spa cities: Pinamar, Ostende and Valeria de Mar, in Argentina. Before the offer is commercially ready, the cooperative must wait for the license bid outcome and the disclosure of the new Audiovisual Communication Services Law that enables public services cooperatives to render IPTV services. <!--:--><!--:es-->La Cooperativa de Tel&eacute;fonos de Pinamar (Telpin) comenzar&aacute; a dar IPTV durante el a&ntilde;o que viene en tres ciudades balnearias: Pinamar, Ostende y Valeria del Mar, en Argentina. Antes de que la oferta est&eacute; lista comercialmente, debe esperar el concurso de licencias y que se de a conocer la reglamentaci&oacute;n de la nueva Ley de Servicios de Comunicaci&oacute;n Audiovisual, que permite a las cooperativas de servicios p&uacute;blicos dar IPTV. <!--:--[...]