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Benin to receive the first DTT in the next two weeks

Benin will finally be able to begin its migration to digital television. The first signals of DTT should be issued in the next 15 days. This was said Aurélie Adam Soulé Zoumarou, the Minister of the digital economy, during the digital talk show organized as part of the national week of digital. According to the [...]

Nigeria to complete DSO by the end of first 2018 quarter

Despite statements announcing a migration very soon, Nigeria is not really ready to switch to digital television. This can be inferred from recent statements by Lai Mohammed (photo), the Minister of Information and Culture. “The project requires huge capital and Nigeria is just coming out of the recession. The government must therefore prioritize its programs. [...]

Nigeria gets ready for DSO in the whole country

Alhaji Lai Mohammed, Nigerian Information and Culture Minister, said that the digital switch over of the Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) for the whole country would soon be ready. He added the switch over would be done in phases due to the huge capital outlay of the project. The minister, who was accompanied by the Chairman, [...]

Canal 1 announces new programming

A few months after its launch, Colombias Canal 1 continues to grow its audience and is already preparing its 2018 programming that will feature varied content, at different times, including national productions, Hollywood series and films, reality shows, international series and the channel’s Information System. The new season of the competition reality show “Guerreros”, programs [...]

South Africas DA strongly reiterates calls for STB probes

The Democratic Alliance (DA) requested a probe into the procurement processes of the government sponsored Set-top-boxes. The DAs MP and telecoms and postal services shadow minister, Marian Shinn, wants to shed light on the dark spots revolving around STBs procurement within South Africa.  According to Shinn, the DA has once again written to, the public [...]

DTT coverage in Cuba reaches 60% of the country

Digital terrestrial TV in Cuba reaches 60% of the national territory. Until September of this year, 1.5 million decoders and more than 230,000 hybrid HD TV sets were sold, according to data provided in the 5th edition of Digital Television Forum, held last week. Hugo Andrés Fernández, engineer of the Business Group of Information Technology and [...]

New actors commended for the DTT deployment in South Africa

The DTT is seeing new actors collaborating for the smooth running and completion of the DTT project in South Africa. The Department of Telecommunications and Postal Services, the South African Post Office, Sentech, ICASA and the Universal Service and Access Agency of South Africa have been entrusted with the digital migration of South African citizens [...]

Mexico raises USD 84.4 million in DTT tender

Mexican Federal Institute of Telecommunications (IFT) reported that the 13 participants of the new DTT tender paid MX$ 1,614 million (USD 84.4 million) for 32 signals for 29 coverage areas in different regions of the country. Between December 18 and 20 of this year IFT plans to deliver the concession titles for the commercial use [...]