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Claro TV launches VOD in El Salvador Claro TV lanzó VOD en El Salvador

<!--:en-->Am&eacute;rica M&oacute;vil's branch, owner of telephony incumbent CTE in El Salvador, has launched VOD under the commercial name of Video Club through its related CATV company, which became operational in 2008. Claro TV will be offering around 600 titles including movies, documentaries, music, children programs, sports, local programs, serials and adult contents. Unlike Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, where the company is preparing IPTV, Claro TV is in Guatemala, Nicaragua and El Salvador betting on coaxial networks. <!--:--><!--:es-->La filial de Am&eacute;rica M&oacute;vil que posee la telef&oacute;nica incumbente CTE en El Salvador, lanz&oacute; VOD con el nombre comercial Video Club a trav&eacute;s de su compa&ntilde;&iacute;a vinculada de CATV, que comenz&oacute; a operar en 2008. Claro TV ofrecer&aacute; alrededor de 600 t&iacute;tulos entre pel&iacute;culas, documentales, m&uacute;sica, infantiles, deportes, locales, series y contenidos para adultos. A diferencia de Rep&uacute;blica Dominicana y Puerto Rico, donde prepara IPTV, Claro TV apuesta en Guatemala, Nicaragua y El Salvador por las redes de coaxial. <!--:--[...]

Movistar Venezuela to offer pay TV through DTHMovistar Venezuela ofrecerá TV paga por DTH

<!--:en-->Between July and August, Movistar will launch Telef&oacute;nica's DTH platform in Venezuela. The Spanish company has already put this platform in place in Chile, Colombia, Peru and Venezuela, where it holds fixed telephony operations. This is the first country where Telef&oacute;nica is operating cellular phones only, and starting DTH. The same model could work for Ecuador, Uruguay, Panama and Central America in general.<!--:--><!--:es-->Movistar lanzar&aacute; en Venezuela entre julio y agosto la plataforma de DTH de Telef&oacute;nica que la empresa espa&ntilde;ola ya tiene funcionando en Chile, Colombia Per&uacute; y Venezuela, donde posee telefon&iacute;a fija. Este es el primer pa&iacute;s en el que Telef&oacute;nica s&oacute;lo opera celulares y comienza con DTH. El mismo modelo podr&iacute;a funcionar para Ecuador, Uruguay, Panam&aacute; y Centroam&eacute;rica en general. <!--:--[...]

Latam Cable TV companies join against Telefónica and TelmexSe une TV por cable de Latam contra Telefónica y Telmex

<!--:en-->The 11 associations of national cable TV companies, which gather the main countries in Latin America, and 12 MSOs, including Cablevisi&oacute;n (Televisa) and Megacable of Mexico and Cablevisi&oacute;n (Grupo Clar&iacute;n) of Argentina, gathered at Punta Show 2008 to issue a statement in which they sustain the need to maintain prevailing regulatory ?asymmetries? against telephone carriers. The Punta del Este statement has not been subscribed individually neither by Telef&oacute;nica nor by Telmex, who currently is the main cable TV operator in Latin America.<!--:--><!--:es-->Las 11 asociaciones nacionales de empresas de TV por cable, que incluyen a los principales pa&iacute;ses de Latinoam&eacute;rica, y 12 MSOs, entre los cuales est&aacute;n Cablevisi&oacute;n (Televisa) y Megacable de M&eacute;xico y Cablevisi&oacute;n (Grupo Clar&iacute;n) de Argentina, se unieron en Punta Show 2008 para emitir una declaraci&oacute;n que sostiene la necesidad de mantener "asimetr&iacute;as" regulatorias contra las telef&oacute;nicas. La declaraci&oacute;n de Punta del Este no la suscriben individualmente ni Telef&oacute;nica ni Telmex, que es ahora el principal operador de TV por cable de Latinoam&eacute;rica.<!--:--[...]

Green light for first pay TV over FTTH in Buenos AiresLuz verde para la primera TV paga sobre FTTH en Buenos Aires

<!--:en-->Last year, the Federal Broadcasting Committee (Comfer) had revoked the authorization to provide pay TV to Omnivisi&oacute;n, the company that rolled out an FTTH network for triple play in the north districts, the highest-income areas, of the capital city. This was done in response to a request from the owner of main CATV MSO, Grupo Clar&iacute;n, who practically faces no competition in Buenos Aires. But now, Grupo Clar&iacute;n is no longer under the Government's protective wing and the justice is ordering Comfer to authorize Omnivisi&oacute;n. <!--:--><!--:es-->El Comit&eacute; Federal de Radiodifusi&oacute;n (Comfer) hab&iacute;a revocado el a&ntilde;o pasado la autorizaci&oacute;n para brindar TV paga a la empresa Omnivisi&oacute;n, que mont&oacute; una red de FTTH para triple play en los barrios del norte &#045;los de mayor poder adquisitivo&#045; de la capital del pa&iacute;s. Lo hizo respondiendo a un pedido del Grupo Clar&iacute;n, due&ntilde;o del principal MSO de CATV que casi no tiene competencia en Buenos Aires. Ahora, la justicia intima al Comfer a que autorice a Omnivisi&oacute;n. Y el Gobierno ya no protege al Grupo Clar&iacute;n. <!--:--[...]

Segmentation to drive DTH migration to IPTVLa segmentación impulsará la migración de DTH a IPTV

<!--:en-->Latin American telcos are seeking to position themselves in the pay TV market through a mass DTH service roll-out. As Carlos Blanco, Market Research Director of Signals Telecom, explained to TV Telco Latam, DTH appears as a more economical option, although less sophisticated, than IPTV, and will therefore, bring about user segmentation based on purchasing power.<!--:--><!--:es-->Las compa&ntilde;&iacute;as de telecomunicaciones de Am&eacute;rica latina buscan posicionarse en el mercado de TV paga por medio de la implementaci&oacute;n masiva de los servicios de DTH. Carlos Blanco, director de Investigaci&oacute;n de Mercados de Signals Telecom, explic&oacute; a TV Telco Latam que el DTH se plantea como una opci&oacute;n mas econ&oacute;mica, aunque menos sofisticada que la IPTV, por lo que se producir&aacute; una segmentaci&oacute;n de usuarios de acuerdo con el poder adquisitivo. <!--:--[...]

Slim prefers CATV over IPTV in NicaraguaSlim prefiere CATV a IPTV en Nicaragua

<!--:en-->Am&eacute;rica M&oacute;vil, of Mexican tycoon Carlos Slim, is negotiating the acquisition of Estesa (Estaciones Terrenas Satelitales), the largest pay TV operator in Nicaragua. Same as it did in Nicaragua, where it also owns the national telephone incumbent, Slim will postpone the IPTV development of Nicaraguan incumbent Enitel and will, instead, launch Claro TV through the acquisition of a CATV operator like Estesa. The operation should be completed in a few weeks although Enitel, the buyer to be, has not confirmed the news yet.<!--:--><!--:es-->Am&eacute;rica M&oacute;vil, propiedad del magnate mexicano Carlos Slim, est&aacute; negociando la compra de Estesa (Estaciones Terrenas Satelitales), el mayor operador nicarag&uuml;ense de TV paga. Tal como realiz&oacute; en Guatemala, donde tambi&eacute;n posee la incumbente telef&oacute;nica nacional, Slim postergar&aacute; el desarrollo de IPTV de la incumbente nicarag&uuml;ense Enitel y, en cambio, lanzar&aacute; Claro TV mediante la adquisici&oacute;n de un operador de CATV como Estesa. La operaci&oacute;n deber&iacute;a concretarse en pocas semanas, aunque Enitel, que ser&iacute;a la compradora, a&uacute;n no confirm&oacute; la noticia. <!--:--[...]

Biggest Argentine MSO to launch triple play Mayor MSO argentino lanza triple play

<!--:en-->CATV MSO Cablevisi&oacute;n (of Grupo Clar&iacute;n) will start offering telephony in 250 Argentine locations in April 2009. Before launching the service, it needs to get the numbering required from the National Communications Commission (CNC) and interconnect to the network of Telecom and Telef&oacute;nica, the telecom incumbents in the North and South of the country. Both companies have IPTV access denied, and this launch will bring about a new regulatory controversy.<!--:--><!--:es-->El MSO de CATV Cablevisi&oacute;n (del Grupo Clar&iacute;n) comenzar&aacute; a ofrecer telefon&iacute;a en abril de 2009 en 250 localidades argentinas. Antes de lanzar el servicio necesita que la Comisi&oacute;n Nacional de Comunicaciones (CNC) le asigne la numeraci&oacute;n correspondiente y deber&aacute; interconectarse a la red de Telecom y de Telef&oacute;nica, las incumbentes de telecomunicaciones del norte y sur del pa&iacute;s. Las dos compa&ntilde;&iacute;as tienen vedado el acceso a IPTV, y este lanzamiento traerpa una nueva pol&eacute;mica regulatoria.<!--:--[...]

Thomson grows in DTH and advances with IPTVThomson crece en DTH y avanza en IPTV

<!--:en-->French company Thomson Grass Valley is not very well known in the telecommunications world. But those who went to NAB 2008 know that, together with Harris, it is a leader in the TV business. Rafael Castillo, a recognized executive in the pay TV and broadcasting market has become the head of the company for Latin America this year, and is pushing the IPTV and mobile TV businesses, with their end-to-end solutions, which go from headends to STBs. They already have Telmex and Telef&oacute;nica as customers, and are looking for more<!--:--><!--:es-->La empresa francesa Thomson Grass Valley es poco conocida en el ambiente de telecomunicaciones. Pero para quienes concurrieron a NAB 2008 saben que son, junto con Harris, lideres en el negocio de TV. Rafael Castillo, un ejecutivo bien conocido en el mercado de broadcasting y TV paga, es desde este ano el responsable de la empresa para America Latina, y esta empujando los negocios de IPTV y mobile TV, para los cuales poseen soluciones end&#045;to&#045;end, desde headends a STBs. Ya tienen de clientes a Telmex y a Telefonica, y van por m&aacute;s<!--:--[...]

Telmex to launch DTH in BrazilTelmex lanza DTH en Brasil

<!--:en-->As Embratel's President Jos&eacute; Formoso revealed to Brazilian specialized media Teles&iacute;ntese, its company has already requested a license to Anatel to launch DTH service before the end of the year. For this purpose, the company will be using the transponders of new Star One C2 satellite, which is due for launch in the next few weeks. Although Telmex is the owner of Embratel and Embratel is, in turn, a shareholder of cable TV company Net, the largest pay TV company in Brazil, Embratel will not launch its DTH service with Net<!--:--><!--:es-->El presidente de Embratel, Jos&eacute; Formoso, reconoci&oacute; al medio especializado brasile&ntilde;o Teles&iacute;ntese que su empresa ya pidi&oacute; la licencia a Anatel para lanzar antes de fin de a&ntilde;o un servicio de DTH, para lo cual utilizar&aacute; los transpondedores del nuevo sat&eacute;lite de Star One, el C2, cuyo lanzamiento est&aacute; previsto para las pr&oacute;ximas semanas. A pesar de que Telmex es due&ntilde;a de Embratel y esta es a su vez accionista de la empresa de TV por cable Net, la mayor compa&ntilde;&iacute;a de TV paga de Brasil, Embratel lanzar&aacute; su servicio de DTH de forma independiente de Net<!--:--[...]

Telmex to start offering Triple Play in BogotaTelmex comienza a ofrecer Triple Play en Bogotá

<!--:en-->After the acquisition of 5 pay-TV operations over the last 18 months, Telmex has launched its first Triple Play service in Colombia this week, and gets ready to wage a new commercial battle over telecommunications in Centro-America. Roy Burstin, President of Telmex Hogar Colombia, announced that their customers will be able to enjoy Triple Play offers in Bogota as from $100,000 (USD 53)<!--:--><!--:es-->Luego de haber adquirido 5 operaciones de TV paga en los &uacute;ltimos 18 meses, Telmex lanz&oacute; esta semana su primer servicio de Triple Play en Colombia y se dispone as&iacute; a abrir una nueva batalla comercial en las telecomunicaciones de centro&#045;am&eacute;rica. Roy Burstin, presidente de Telmex Hogar Colombia, anunci&oacute; que los clientes de la empresa podr&aacute;n contar con ofertas de Triple Play en Bogot&aacute; desde $100.000 (us$ 53)<!--:--[...]