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Movistar launches DTH in Nicaragua

Movistar has launched its DTH service in Nicaragua, which became the first Central American country where the company offers pay TV. The commercial offer includes two packages. The first one, called Pro HD, includes 74 channels, of which five are national channels, 54 are available in SD and 15 in HD, for USD 16.99 (plus VAT) [...]

Entel’s Q1 pay TV revenue up 26%

Telecommunications company Entel Chile has presented its Q117 report in which it registered pay TV revenues of Ch$ 7.95 million (USD 11.7 million), up 26% (in local currency) compared to same period last year. The company reached 131,000 DTH subscribers. Consolidated revenues during the quarter reached Ch$ 477.0 billion (USD 660 million), a 3% increase [...]

Ingresos de TV paga de Entel crecen 26% en el Q1

La empresa de telecomunicaciones Entel Chile presentó su balance del Q117 en el que reportó ingresos de TV paga de Ch$ 7.945 millones (USD 11,7 millones), un crecimiento del 26% en comparación al mismo período del año anterior.  La compañía alcanzó 131 mil suscriptores de DTH en el período. Los ingresos consolidados alcanzaron Ch$ 477.025 [...]

El satélite SES-10 será lanzado el 29 de marzo

El satélite SES-10, que prestará servicios en Latinoamérica, tiene su lanzamiento programado para el 29 de marzo, según informó la Comunidad Andina (CAN) en un comunicado. Estará ubicado en la posición 67° oeste y será utilizado para la red Simón Bolívar 2, en virtud de un acuerdo entre SES y la CAN, que incluye a [...]

Sky Brasil launches new satellite

Sky Brasil (AT&T), the main DTH operator in that country, announced the successful launch of the Sky-B1 satellite, aboard an Ariane-5 rocket from Kourou Base in French Guiana. It is expected to start operating during the first half of 2017, offering more channels and services. Together with the new satellite, Sky will operate a new [...]