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AfricaOnline has launched its new wireless Internet network in Namibia

Internet provider AfricaOnline has started offering its high-speed Internet services via its new wireless network in Namibia. Through this new network platform, the FAI, a subsidiary of the iWayAfrica group, itself owned by Gondwana International Networks, is boosted by quality of service. It can now provide broadband packages of up to 100 Mbps for businesses [...]

Latin America to reach 91.1 million fixed broadband accesses in 2023

Dataxis latest research revealed that almost 20 million new fixed broadband accesses will be added within the next five years. Consequently, the penetration of the service in 2023 will reach 46% of households. Dataxis notes that very high-speed broadband options have already gained critical mass. In 2017 they represented 36% of the accesses and it [...]

América Latina alcanzará 91,1 millones de accesos de banda ancha fija en 2023

De acuerdo con Dataxis, en los próximos cinco años se sumarán casi 20 millones de nuevos accesos de banda ancha fija hasta alcanzar 91,1 millones en 2023. En consecuencia, la penetración del servicio ese año alcanzará el 46% de los hogares. Dataxis observa que las opciones de banda ancha de muy alta velocidad ya han [...]

DirecTV Colombia ofrecerá Internet 4.5G para clientes residenciales

El gerente de DirecTV en Colombia, José Daniel Gómez, anunció que la compañía ofrecerá internet 4.5G a clientes residenciales a partir del tercer trimestre de este año, con velocidades que podrían llegar hasta 20 mbps. Gómez dijo que están reemplazando torres antiguas con tecnología 4.5G. Esto permite mayor cantidad de usuarios en cada torre, las [...]

Ooredoo 5G goes live in Kuwait

Ooredoo Kuwait has rolled out 5G Network for its customers in key location of its head office at Soor Street in Kuwait City. Ooredoo Qatar became the first global telecom operator to launch 5G services in the capital city of Doha on a commercial basis. Ooredoo Kuwait CEO Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Thani said, We are [...]

ICASA to introduce 5G Huddle in Durban

The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) is assisting the Wireless World Research Forum (WWRF) in hosting the 5th Annual 5G Huddle to be held for the first time in the Southern hemisphere. The 5G Huddle will be held in Durban from 29 to 30 May 2018 at the Garden Court, Marine Parade. The WWRF [...]

Conexiones de banda ancha fija en Latam crecieron 6,1% en 2017

De acuerdo con Dataxis, las conexiones de banda ancha fija en Latinoamérica crecieron 6,1% en 2017, alcanzando 72,4 millones de accesos. La tasa de crecimiento es similar a la observada en 2016 (6,3%). El DSL se mantuvo como la tecnología más usada con una cuota de mercado de 48,1%. No obstante, sigue perdiendo peso frente [...]

Arabsat announces the launch of a new satellite by the end of the year for broadband in Africa

During a press conference held on April 12, 2018, the Arab Satellite Communications Organization (Arabsat) announced the launch of a new communications satellite by the end of the year, which will strengthen its offer broadband in Africa. Arabsat Chairman Khaled Ben Ahmed Balkheyour (photo) added that the new telecom equipment will also strengthen the organization’s [...]