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SEACOM extends fibre network reach in South Africa

SEACOM is bringing high-speed fibre internet access to businesses and homes in Johannesburg, starting in Alberton, with a rollout of 8km of fibre. The last-mile fibre network will go through several business, residential development and shopping malls of the area.  This development comes in line with SEACOMs plans to extend its reach further across South [...]

Fiber connection in Latin America reached 10% of broadband market in Q117

According to latest research conducted by Dataxis, fixed broadband connections for Latin America in the first quarter of 2017 reached 68.11 million. The market recorded an increase of 5.9% from Q1 2016 and reached 35.8% household penetration. In the first quarter of 2017, DSL technology still dominates with 51.5% of the market and is the [...]

Conexiones de fibra en Latinoamérica alcanzan 10% del total de banda ancha en el Q117

De acuerdo con Dataxis, las conexiones de banda ancha fija en América Latina alcanzaron 68,11 millones en el primer trimestre de 2017. El mercado creció un 5,9% respecto al primer trimestre de 2016 y alcanzó una penetración del 35,8% sobre el total de hogares. Al cierre del Q117, la tecnología DSL aún domina el mercado con [...]

Vivo expands FTTH network in Sao Paulo

Brazilian telecommunications company Vivo (Telefónica) announced that it has invested R$ 11 million (USD 3.3 million) to launch its FTTH service in Lençóis Paulista and Campo Limpo Paulista, in the interior of the state of Sao Paulo, where it now offers speeds up to 300 Mbps. The company’s network in these municipalities will serve 106 [...]

Vivo expande su red FTTH en el interior de Sao Paulo

La empresa de telecomunicaciones Vivo (Telefónica) anunció que invirtió R$ 11 millones (USD 3,3 millones) para inaugurar su red de fibra óptica en Lençóis Paulista y Campo Limpo Paulista, en el interior del estado de Sao Paulo, Brasil, donde ofrece velocidades de hasta 300 Mbps. La red de la empresa en esos municipios atenderá a [...]

Dataxis predicts low growth in fixed broadband penetration in Africa

Following the recent data published on broadband connectivity in Africa, Dataxis predicts that 20 million households and businesses will have wired internet connection by 2022 in Africa, compared to 11 million in 2016. Nonetheless, although wired broadband is on the rise with the progressive introduction of Fibre-to-the-home in most developed countries, Africa still lags behind [...]