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Korea Telecommunication Rwanda Networks introduces new 4G internet prices in Rwanda

Korea Telecommunications Rwanda Networks (KTRN), the national wholesale supplier of 4G Internet access has further lowered prices. From the existing 22 Internet service providers (ISPs) operating in the retail market, consumers will now be able to purchase 1 gigabyte of data at an even lower price. During the press conference organized to unveil this commercial [...]

Telkom expands 4G network around Nairobi in Kenya

Mobile operator Telkom Kenya is expanding its 4G network around Nairobi. The telecom company wants to reach more customers by launching a campaign for this purpose. This operation dubbed “Bomba 4G” will invite people living on the outskirts of Nairobi to test the performance of its broadband network. The surrounding areas of Nairobi that now [...]

Vivo começa a operar na faixa de 700 MHz em Porto Alegre

A Vivo ativou a tecnologia 4G por meio da frequência de 700 MHz na cidade de Porto Alegre, no sul do Brasil. Segundo a companhia, a utilização desta faixa trará melhores coberturas indoor e outdoor, além de oferecer uma melhor experiência de conectividade para os clientes. Na região, a Vivo oferece 4G desde 2013, através [...]

Moov Togo launches 4G

Telecom Togo (Moov), subsidiary of Maroc Telecom officially launched the 4G in Lomé and its outskirts. Subscribers were therefore the first to experience the very mobile broadband offered by 4G. Thanks to this offer, the streaming, the online television and applications requiring a broadband are accessible to the subscribers and to the Togolese people in [...]