Caracol Next renews its digital platforms

Caracol Next, the digital business unit of Caracol Televisión and its media group, redesigned and updated all its products: El Espectador, Caracol TV, Noticias Caracol, Gol Caracol, Blu Radio, Cromos and Shock.

Following a research process on the needs of digital audiences, Caracol Next developed “a model of cleaner, attractive and interactive web portals for users, based on the latest trends in digital design,” the company explained in a statement.

The concept “Mobile First” is part of the DNA of this redesign because the contents are developed to be consumed in mobile devices, preserving the ‘instant articles’ and AMP in all the portals.

Caracol Next highlighted the redesign of the El Espectador portal, which now allows for greater flexibility in the display of news, with the aim of highlighting the most relevant contents and delivering a better navigation experience.

In this way, the company offers a greater number of videos through web lighter, functional portals, which consume less data on mobile devices.