Canal+ to launch Free DTT offer of A+ in Ivory Coast

  • Q. A+ is a successful channel in African French Speaking countries, can you please explain the channel expansion?
  • A. First of all, I would like to thank the organiser of the NexTV CEO Africa conference, it has been a great event with very good networking moments and also, we had some very interesting debates. Regarding A+, it’s a 100% Canal+ group channel which has been created three year ago. It was an amazing adventure in Africa and it’s the first dedicated African channel in African French Speaking countries. The channel is devoted to African content coming from all over Africa. It was important for us to set a channel in Africa and for Africa. To better understand the need of African, we have set up a team with African to have a better vision of the type of content needed for the continent. Since the launch of the channel, it has been a big success, audience are becoming better and better. We are now in the top 10 Pan African channels since one year. We create and invest in production and co-production to produce content that speak to Africans and to larger audience. Africans are recognising themselves in the A+ channel.

  • Q. What about local production trend in African French speaking countries?
  • A. We have great content from Nollywood, Bollywood and Turkey, why not having great series from African French speaking countries that people want to buy. There is great dynamic in this segment of the market following investment. There have also been a great work and collaboration with the producers to decide what to produce and how to produce to improve the quality of the content. There are a lot of good and talented producers from Ivory Coast, Senegal and Burkina Faso and we are accompanying them in all the process to have quality content. Africa has great stories that speak to everyone around the world.

  • Q. How does A+ measure its audience preference and which content work the best?
  • A. Unfortunately, we have only audience measurement trend every six months and we got the rating of the channel, then we need to have special analyses on the programs. We hope that one day, we’ll have daily audience measurement with the arrival of Free DTT. We need to have daily audience measurement with Free DTT which is generally linked to advertising. The most powerful content is to have long series like soap series which keep people engaged and people like this kind of programs.

  • Q. What are A+ channel digital strategies, is Canal+ planning to have an online distribution platform for the channel?
  • A. What is important for us is to have the young people engaged, because they are the one who will watch TV later. In fact, we are present on digital platform like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get the youngsters engaged and make them discover the channel. I quite impress by Ivory Coast, Senegal and Africa in general about how they consumed digital content. We also have short video format of our programs on Facebook and it’s working really well.

  • Q. What are the project of the channel A+ in the next coming year?
  • A. As I was explaining, we have the Free DTT coming in Ivory Coast and we already have the license and the service A+ Free DTT will be launched in a few months. This is the main big project coming soon for A+. It will be a special A+ and accessible free of cost and we took the engagement to have Ivory Coast content production programs.


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