Canal+ launches B2B distribution in Africa

The Canal+ Group announces the launch of Thema Distribution, a new business activity of Canal+ International, in charge of the distribution and sale of audio-visual content in Africa and internationally.

The creation of Thema Distribution is part of the Group’s strategy to develop African content on all media, and in particular content produced or acquired by Group channels. Indeed, Canal+ channels and A+ in Africa are playing a key role in the African production and co‑production of a number of programs — including movies, African TV series and short comedy TV series — that Thema Distribution will now spread throughout the continent and beyond.

Thema Distribution therefore has a rich and varied catalogue of content produced or co‑produced by CANAL+ and A+ at its disposal, as well as plenty of acquisitions. The catalogue currently consists of over 800 hours of shows and content of all genres, from Africa and abroad, of high quality and reputation, such as; Premium scripted series co‑produced by Canal+ like Invisibles (2018), Sakho and Mangane (2018) ,Agent (2019), Popular African scripted series co‑produced by A+ like Capitales Africaines Collection (2018), Ma grande Famille, season 1 (2017), 2 Couples, 1 Foyer (2018) , African Tv series like Kings Casino, seasons 1 and 2,  L’empire des Namané, seasons 1 and 2 , Short comedy TV series co‑produced by CANAL+ like Cyberdébrouille, Barbershop, seasons 1 and 2, Chéri Coco, seasons 1 and 2, Kongossa teleco, Movies like Nairobi Half Life, by David ‘Tosh’ Gitonga (Germany, 2012),  Price of love, by Hermon Hailay (Ethiopia, 2015) and documentaries like Mandela, my dad and me, Girls don’t fly.

Thanks to this attractive catalogue, African channels — but also broadcasters in France and French overseas territories — will have access to a new source of quality content.

With the launch of Thema Distribution, the Canal+ Group is reinforcing its position as a major player in the African audio-visual landscape while participating more specifically in the promotion of high‑quality African productions.