Canal+ in Ivory Coast tracked down illegal STB owners

Illegal STB owners in Ivory Coast were cracked down after 32 operations conducted by the Research section of the Ivorian National Police Force. Around 669 set-up boxes of Canal+, 1717 other set-up boxes, 553 Canal+ subscription cards excluding other various passes and 2215 accessories, all making up to a total of 38m3 of material used to enable the illegal distribution of programs the French pay channel, were dismantled.

Once instructions were received by the Public Prosecutor, the smashing operation took place in the city of Abidjan using a Caterpillar in the presence of Georges Clément, head of anti-piracy Canal+ Service in Ivory Coast, a bailiff and some members of the police force.

The materials seized, were used by unscrupulous pirates for the illegal distribution of the programs of Canal+, the encrypted television channels. These corrupted connections, also called ‘canal spider’, impacted heavily on the subscription rate and the revenue of Canal+ with nearly 1,800,000 illegal subscribers in the Ivory Coast.

According to Clément, Ivory Coast is the African country with the highest rate of illegal subscription at Canal+ Overseas, followed by the Cameroon and the Senegal.

Also, he added that: “The operation is still ongoing and has spread throughout Ivory Coast”.