Canal Capital launches first web series

Bogotá’s public TV channel, Canal Capital, has launched its first web series, called TBT Sin Límites, which is already available on its website and on YouTube and Facebook. This new suspense show has 48 short episodes and reflects the reality of young people, said the channel in a statement.
The project has the support of the National Association of TV (ANTV) and the District Department of Social Integration, and seeks to make visible the vulnerability of young people to family problems, sexual identity, drugs, sexual exploitation and modern relationships of couple.
TBT Sin Límites debuted on November 23 and tells the story of Juana Iriarte, a wealthy young woman who disappears after a transmission of Facebook Live, in which she says she is in trouble. When the video is abruptly interrupted and the networks of Juana canceled, Alex, a young break dance dancer, joins forces with Teresa, a friend of Juana, to look for her. Each episode opens on Thursdays at 7:00 pm (Colombian time). Additionally, in December TBT Sin Límites will be available on TV.
The series seeks the active participation of the public through various transmedia components, such as forums that will be broadcast via streaming to comment on the episodes, a web game and a book of short stories that link the plot of the series with stories of real young people. Additionally, users can follow the characters in social networks, read their blogs, comment on them and visit alternate websites with additional information. All these contents will be hosted on the web and compiled on the project website.