Canal 1’s audience keeps growing in Colombia

More than 14 million people have already watched Canal 1’s new programming since its launch (August 14) and until November 9. According to data from Kantar Ibope Media, in October it closed the month as the third channel with the highest rating in national television.

During the first week of November, the channel reported good results in market share: Monday 6 (7.39%), Tuesday 7 (7.44%), Wednesday 8 (6.46%) and Thursday 9 (7.58%), the latter figure is the highest one recorded since the launch, the network said in a statement.

According to the data, market share of new Canal 1 grew by 17% comparing the first month on air (from August 14 to September 14) vs. the second one (September 15 to October 15).

In turn, the digital area reported 2.5 million unique users, a figure that was expected to be achieved in February 2018, and have generated more than six million page views in the last month.