CadaTV launches Spanish TV service in the US

CadaTV, a provider of Spanish language television shows, movies, and live programming to the Latino community, has launched a new subscription service with live channels and VOD content.

The company launched a promotion including the set-top box to access the service and an 18 month subscription (for the cost of 12 months) for USD 189.87. This totals to $309 in savings compared to CadaTV’s standard price. The regular price of the set-top box is USD 139.99 (instead of USD 69.99 of the promotion) and the month regular price of the subscription is USD 19.99.

On demand content includes five categories: soap operas, movies, entertainment shows, soccer, and children’s programming. Live television channels from many Latin American networks are also available for customers. The service can be connected to all televisions with a simple Wi-Fi setup and is also available on up to five Android devices.