Britain to share expertise for the DSO project in Nigeria

The British High Commission to Nigeria, Paul Arkwright revealed that Britain is ready to provide seamless technological expertise to Nigeria for its Digital Switch Over (DSO) transition from analogue television signals to digital.

Arkwright expressed his support for the competence of a British software and signal distributor, In View to help Nigeria realise its digital switch over objectives.


“We talked about the Digital Switch Over in Nigeria which is moving from a television analogue to digital. There is a British company, that is working very hard in Nigeria and looking at ways in which British expertise can help in the very important switch over”, declared Paul Arkwright.


‘’Following very successful launches in Jos and Abuja, there are plans for other regions and other cities to benefit from that. And again, this is an area of great corporation which I am very proud to say the UK is at the forefront and the British company is leading the way on that,’’ Arkwright added.


To recall, last year, Nigeria launched its digital switch over signals in both Jos and Abuja and is planning to extend the signals to other cities across the nation.