Brazil’s Net launches new feature on mobile app

Brazilian largest pay TV operator Net (América Móvil) announced the launch of a new feature that will give more security during technical visits. Through the mobile app, customers will have access to the name and photo of the technician responsible for the support.

In addition, subscribers can track the location of the technician through a map and access an estimated time of arrival, as used in taxi applications. Then, the customer will be able to qualify with stars (from one to five) the service and give feedback on the resolution of the problem.

“We will continue to invest in new technologies such as artificial intelligence and provide an even better experience,” said Rodrigo Duclos, CDO (Chief Digital Officer) of Net.

The Net app – available for iOS and Android – was launched five years ago and offers other features such as online invoice, expiration date changes, to sign up for automatic debit, home WiFi network settings, location of WiFi network point in the city, technical support (which allows a self-diagnosis and, depending on the case, solve the issue without a technician).