Brazilian Evangelical Community launches OTT Sara Play


Evangelical Community ‘Sara Nossa Terra’, one of the largest in Brazil, owner of TV network Rede Genesis, launched the OTT Sara Play, through the Comets cloud platform, with all the audiovisual content of the religious institution, which has more than one million faithful throughout the country.

Sara Play’s offer is focused on programs, films and TV series, as well as podcasts, biblical stuff and Sara Nuestra Tierra’s celebrations, displaying these contents with the same quality as streaming platforms, through Comets Technology’s cloud TV platform “TV Na Nuvem”.

Abimael Constantino de Lira Junior, Sara Play audiovisual producer and manager, expressed that Sara Nuestra Tierra’s founder and president,  Bishop Robson Rodovalho, perceived in OTT the way to take the evangelical community content beyond temples through Internet, allowing faithfuls to access to all the material produced at any time and place, and through different devices. ‘Comets Technology platform guarantees our OTT operation from a broad set of advanced resources, with ability to manage the service and subscriber entire life cycle’.     

According to Abimael Júnior, Sara Play has approximately 10% faithfulls as active subscribers, who have free and premium access to Sara Nuestra Tierra’s catalog content. Expectation, according to the platform coordinator, is to gradually increase this number from offering new services and exclusive content. ‘Sara Play represents Sara Nuestra Tierra’s growing performance in OTT market, where it is possible to notice an increase in services and delivery content over the Internet to diverse audiences, including Church events streaming broadcastings from Israel. We are learning ways to distribute the best material through this platform’, he reflected, adding later that ‘Comets Technology is our great partner in this journey’.