Brazilian channel SBT returns to exhibit soccer after 14 years with the Copa do Nordeste

The Brazilian FTA TV channel SBT agreed to transmit the Copa do Nordeste, the tournament that brings together the main teams from Northeast region of that country and, thus, returns to show soccer after 14 years. The matches will be broadcast only in the Northeast through the ten affiliates that SBT has in the area. The sports network Esporte Interativo will continue to broadcast on Pay TV and for all the Brazilian territory

In this way, SBT replaces Globo, the TV station that previously exhibited matches of this competition. The organizers of the Copa do Nordeste were very satisfied, since their priority was that the event be seen on FTA TV at least in the three main cities of the region, Fortaleza, Recife and Salvador. The other FTA network that had entered into negotiations to get the rights had been Record TV.

SBT will broadcast games on Tuesday nights and Saturday afternoons and each affiliate will choose the matches to be exhibited. The 2018 edition begins in January and will take place during most of the first semester of that year.

The affiliates that will broadcast the Copa do Nordeste will be TV Aratu (Bahia), TV Ponta Verde (Alagoas), TV Jornal Caruaru and TV Jornal Recife (Pernambuco), TV Tambaú (Joao Pessoa), TV Borborema (Campina Grande), TV Ponta Negra (Rio Grande do Norte), TV Jangadeiro (Ceará), TV Cidade Verde (Piauí) and TV Difusora (Maranhao). Sergipe will be the only state that will not have a FTA broadcast.