Brazil moves forward analogue switch-off deadlines

Brazil’s National Telecommunications Agency (Anatel) announced that the analogue switch-off in Goiânia and 28 other municipalities, scheduled for May 31, will be extended until June 21.

According to the president of Anatel, Juarez Quadros, the deadline was extended because it was not reached the 90% of digitalization required to finish the process. . According to data from Ibope, during the week of May 20 digital TV signal reached 88% of total 1.3 million households involved in the process.

This decision was announced a day after the Ministry of Technology, Science, Innovations and Telecommunications published new analogue switch (ASO) off deadlines for other cities in the country.

According to the new schedule, Recife will maintain the ASO on July 26. In Fortaleza, Salvador, Juazeiro do Norte and Sobral the date was postponed from July to September 27 and in Belo Horizonte, from July to November 8.

In Rio de Janeiro and Victoria the ASO continues scheduled for October 25. In the interior of Sao Paulo it was moved from September to November 29.

This way, the Ministry formalized the changes previously approved by Gired, the group responsible for the DTT implementation, along with MCTIC.