Brazil has already delivered 10 million DTT kits


Seja Digital, the entity responsible for the DTT migration, has already delivered 10 million DTT kits to families benefiting from social plans of the Brazilian government. This is part of the digitalization process that is being carried out, gradually, in the country.
The delivery of the 10 millionth equipment took place in the city of Paracambi, in the interior of Rio de Janeiro. The kits include an antenna, set-top box and remote control, and are free of change for low-income families.
According to Seja Digital, 664 cities, 20 of them capital cities, have already carried out the analog switch-off (ASO), covering 100 million Brazilians. Towards the end of the year, another 700 cities, with about 30 million inhabitants, will carry out this process, said in a statement Antônio Carlos Martelletto, president of the entity.
According to the schedule, the next ASO will take place on August 14 in seven capitals: Boa Vista (Roraima), Campo Grande (Mato Grosso do Sur), Cuiabá (Mato Grosso), Macapá (Pará), Palmas (Tocantins), Porto Velho (Rondonia), Rio Branco (Acre).