Botswana to get Japanese guidance in digital migration

Japan will send technology experts to Botswana next year in a bid to aid the country in its migration to the Japanese ISDB-T standard of digital terrestrial broadcasting. The technology transfer agreement will also cover the production of broadcasting content, according to Hiroyasu Kobayashi, Japan’s ambassador to Botswana.

The agreement comes as a part of a ‘Memorandum on Cooperation’ signed earlier this year by Botswana and Japan regarding the Digital Terrestrial Television Sector. “In such ways, the government of Japan will endeavour to ensure a smooth transfer to digital broadcasting in Botswana,” said Kobayashi.

The ISDB-T standard is widely used in Latin America, with Brazil, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Venezuela, Guatemala, Honduras, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Paraguay, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Uruguay all utilising the system. The Japanese standard has also been adopted in Japan, Thailand and the Philippines.