Bolivia recorded 472,000 pay TV subscribers in 2017

According to data published in the 2017 Institutional Report of Bolivia’s telecoms and transport regulator ATT, the pay TV market registered close to 472,000 subscribers at the end of that year, up 24% from 2016.
In 2017, pay TV revenue reached Bs. 954 million (USD 135.6 million), which represented a growth of almost 40% compared to 2016 and “shows that the demand for this service continues to rise”, said the report.
In Bolivia, the largest market operator is Tigo (Millicom), which offers CATV and DTH. In an interview with El Deber newspaper in March, Millicom CEO Mauricio Ramos said that in Bolivia the company had between 150,000 and 200,000 cable TV subscribers in the country. In this way, although the regulator reported a total base of 472,000 subscribers, Dataxis estimates that it could be even higher.
In its Q218 report, Millicom said that, in Bolivia, In Q2 2018, homes connected increased by 61,000, up from 38,000 in Q1 2018 and more than double the Q2 2017 level. According to the company, “the soccer World Cup likely explains a portion of the sequential surge in customer net additions”. In this context, it said that DTH customer net additions were “particularly strong” in the quarter. HFC household net additions were also “very strong”.