Bolivia prepares for analog switch-off

Wilmer Pantoja, in charge of Digital Television in the Vice Ministry of Telecommunications, said that Bolivia will be the second country in South America, after Brazil, to carry out its first analog switch-off, scheduled for November 2019.
“Brazil is the only country in the region that has carried out the analog switch-off and is doing it progressively, so the country will be the second to carry out this technological process in South America,” the executive said in an interview with Xinhua.
Pantoja recalled that the deadline to begin transmitting in digital signal ended on June 30. In this process, the Túpac Katari satellite appears as a possible option for the channels to advance with the transition.
Iván Zambrana, director of the Bolivian Space Agency (ABE), told Xinhua “the Túpac Katari satellite has become the best option for national television channels to migrate from the analog to the digital signal”.
The executive also said that ABE already has conversations with several channels, helping them to migrate to digital with the satellite. According to Zambrana, the Túpac Katari solution solves the problem of taking the signal from the central studio to television relay stations. In addition, the channel is available in the satellite in any point of the country so that people can watch it with the same quality.