BOCRA in Botswana issues two pay-per-view TV licenses

The Botswana Communications Regulatory Authority (BOCRA) has issued two TV broadcasting licences under Subscription Management Service (SMS) category to Mediacore Botswana and Harrington Square under Star Times name.

Thari Pheko BOCRA’s CEO declared “The Communications Regulatory Act defines the Subscription Management Service as a broadcasting service. It is, therefore, one of the broadcasting licence categories available under BOCRA,”

BOCRA, the regulatory body has the responsibility to create a healthy environment for potential future market players. The organisation is still working to reach the desired level of growth. In order to attain this objective Thari Pheko declared “You are aware that we have issued public notices inviting applications for satellite television, digital terrestrial television and indeed subscription management service.”

Due to the MultiChoice monopoly on the service in Botswana, complains have emerged in the public about the yearly increasing fees, the two new players have yet to present a content to compete with MultiChoice .