BitTorrent launches its free live streaming app on Android

BitTorrent has brought its peer-to-peer live streaming app to Android, a few weeks after launching the iOS version. The app is available for download in Google Play store.

BitTorrent Live allows users to watch TV broadcasts for free, including a wide variety of programs ranging from sports to news, tech, and pop culture. Some channels available are Newsmax TV, NASA, Heroes TV, Fightbox, Clubbing TV, Fast & Fun, OANN, Filmbox Arthouse, One World Sports, TwiT, NUsic TV and OpenNews TV.

However, since it is a peer-to-peer service, the quality of its streams will depend on the number of users connected. According to Engadget, some reviews in the Play Store point out that it does not have Chromecast support, and needs to work on improving its interface and library. So far, it has garnered a lukewarm rating of 2.8.