BeIN offers arrive in Morocco

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BeIN bouquets are now available in Morocco. According to a decision of the High Authority for Communication and Audiovisual (HACA), published in the Official Bulletin of 14 December 2017, BeIN for General Trade & Distribution has been authorized by the regulator to market the beIN bouquet in the Moroccan territory.

The contract signed by both parties lasts until July 31, 2020 and may be renewable twice tacitly, for a period not exceeding three years, provided they respect the obligations and ethics enacted by the HACA in the cahier charges relating to the contract. Under the agreement, BeIN for General Trade & Distribution will pay an annual fee of US $ 63,720 and 5% of its annual turnover to HACA.

Now operating in North Africa, the operator BeIN can now make its establishment in sub-Saharan Africa, one of its main objectives for next year.