Ban on set-top box rental charges now effective in Peru

The Supervisory Agency for Private Investment in Telecommunications (Osiptel in Spanish) reported that the resolution banning the sale or rental of set-top boxes by pay TV companies becomes effective on May 12.
“Specifically, the rental or sale of the decoders will have to disappear,” Osiptel president Rafael Muente Schwarz told Gestió The regulator established that the subscription to a pay TV service must include one STB without users having to buy or rent them separately. In this context, the client will only have to pay for the installation of additional boxes.
Osiptel also ordered that the cost of installation must be financed by the provider over a maximum period of 6 months.
According to Muente, there is likely to be a “rate adjustment”, but he said that prices might remain stable until the consumer internalizes the new method of contracting the pay TV service.
The regulations are part of the “Rules for the Provision of the Pay TV Service”, which are aimed at ordering the tariff concepts and were issued in March by Osiptel. The regulator had informed that this resolution would come into effect in 60 calendar days after its publication.