Bamba TV to air sports content from ABS

The agreement has been signed between ABS Broadcast, a privately-owned playout and broadcast services provider in Europe and Radio Africa Group. Sports content from MP & Silva, the international rights company, will be delivered on the channel, Bamba TV.

With this recent pact, a growing portfolio of sports content will be available on Bamba Sports, the 24-hour free-to-air sports channel in Kenya. Viewers will be accessible to a large array of sports content which include AC Milan programming, ATP Tennis, Arsenal Media and Italian Serie A football, among others.

Sass Jahani, managing director of ABS Broadcast, is optimistic: “We are thrilled to be working with Radio Africa Group to grow the newest channel in their portfolio. Bamba Sports is not only acquiring international content but it is also accelerating the growth of Kenyan sport”.

On the hand, commenting upon the partnership, Mukund Patel, the head of Technology of ABS Broadcast’s, said: “This is a great opportunity to grow on ABS’s existing infrastructure for downlinking satellite content, which in turn has also strengthened the company’s global distribution network”.

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