Argentine tourists reduce number of imported tech devices from Chile

In the last two years, Argentine tourists reduce the number of tech devices purchased in Chile, due to a reduction in the price gap, according to a GfK Consumer Choices research published by Economía y Negocios.

In January of this year, 76.1% of smartphone sales was made to Argentine tourists, a 7.5% drop compared to 83.8% recorded in the same period of 2015 in cities of Valdivia, Santiago –except  Providencia-Antofagasta and Puerto Varas, among others.

A similar situation happened with the sale of Smart TVs and notebooks, which fell 6.7% and 6.4%, respectively. This decrease would be related to a lower price difference compared to other years. For example, between January and August last year buying a notebook in Argentina was 58% more expensive than in Chile, during the same period this year this difference fell to 17%. One of the reasons would be the elimination of the import tax of notebooks in Argentina and an increase of prices in the rest of the countries.

According to the study, in the first eight months of 2016 buying a smartphone in Chile was 108% cheaper than in Argentina. During the same period this year, that difference reduced to 89%. In turn, in the case of Smart TVs, the gap reduced by 27% in a year.