Argentine MSO Telecentro stated 525 thousand TV subs

Argentine MSO Telecentro has 525 thousand cable TV subscribers, revealed for the first time its owner Alberto Pierri, in an interview with local newspaper Infobae. In addition, he added that in total they have 850 thousand subscribers among their TV, Internet and telephony services.

The businessman acknowledged that they are noticing a declining trend of their client base but he thinks it is logical given the financial situation of the middle and lower classes in Argentina. And while inflation in that country would be around 50% this year, Pierri says, “we have to be aware and realistic, we can not transfer that inflation to users.” This year, all Telecentro prices increased by just 25%, because clients didn’t receive that increase on their salaries. ”

The owner of Telecentro said that it is also a “good time” to invest in Argentina and said they are thinking on buying other companies in the area. The level of investment of the company in the last three years was higher than USD 500 million, he said. But beyond the investments, Pierri said that there are no expansion plans within that country and that they will remain concentrated only in the City of Buenos Aires and Greater Buenos Aires (all metropolitan).

In relation to the competition with telecom companies, Pierri was not against the Cablevisión-Telecom merger. “You can not ignore the reality of the world, there are mergers everywhere, competition is increasingly demanding and companies have to adapt.The world is like that, full competition, and this is healthy,” he said.