Argentinas soccer to remain on DTT until year-end

The matches of the Superliga, the new national soccer tournament, which began last weekend, were available on Argentina’s DTT platform and according to Arsat president Rodrigo de Loredo, will continue to be transmitted on digital TV “for three or four more months.”

“The TDA (Open Digital TV) will continue to broadcast soccer for several more months until some other issues are resolved that are in conversation, but it seemed very important that all Argentines have access to these contents,” De Loredo said in the morning show “Entre nosotros Rebeca”, which is available on Canal 10 of Córdoba.

The president of the telecommunications company Arsat said that they are discussing ” the rights and contractual relationship with those who have acquired the TV rights”, in reference to the companies Turner and Fox. In DTT, matches of the first date of the tournament were available in channels Tateti and Arpeggio.

The newly-created Superliga started last Friday, August 25th. In pay TV, the matches will be available until September without additional cost and in SD technology.

In this way, the Argentine government intends to enhance the DTT platform with new content. In addition to soccer games, the news channel TN was conducting tests on digital TV, according to reports from several users.