Argentina’s FTA broadcasters claim for the heavy tax burden


Argentine FTA networks requested “lighten the backpack” in relation to the tax scheme, mainly for those that are paid by services of right management. This request was made within the framework of a meeting of the Association of Argentine Broadcasters (ATA), in which the head of the National Communications Agency (Enacom), Silvana Giudici, was present. Broadcasting stations argued that it is increasingly difficult for them to sustain the financial situation.

“Between the fees and what is paid for collecting societies we lost 10% of revenues, regardless of what is achieved per advertising. We don’t pay Gross Income, but these concepts are equivalent to three times more,” explained Guillermo Campanini, Director of Operations of Viacom, owner of Telefé (Channel 11) network.

“FTA TV is weak and it is needed to open a space to reconvert the industry and adapt to new realities,” said Canal 9 General Manager Hernán Birenczwaig, a station that has just filled a bankrupt preventive procedure.

Enacom board said they are concerned about the situation and they are working on different regulations, such as the decision that international OTT competitors must pay VAT. “I’m optimistic,” Giudici stated.