Argentina would allow telecom companies to provide DTH after 2020

The draft of the short law bill, which is currently in the Senate, establishes that the telecommunications companies will start offering DTH in Argentina from 2020, only in some cities, local media reported. This week, the Media Committee declared a recess until next Wednesday.
According to the draft, DTH services from telecom companies can be offered in the City and province of Buenos Aires, Córdoba and Santa Fe, and in those where there is no other pay TV provider from 1st July 2020, according to iProfesional.
On the other hand, the restriction to offer the service in cities of up to 80,000 inhabitants is extended to 100,000. In this context, in those cities where the service is offered by telecommunications SMEs or independent operators, the satellite TV service will be available from 2022, and in the rest of the locations in 2021.
The draft also includes in the broadcasting concept ICT providers that transmit audiovisual content through the Internet. In addition, the shared use of infrastructure through agreements is promoted, but possibility of exclusivity agreements is eliminated, among other points.