Argentina to expand DTT offer

The head of the Federal System of Media and Public Contents of Argentina, Hernán Lombardi, announced an update on the DTT lineup and the opening of a public tender in November to award new channels.

Lombardi recently presented the two stages of the DTT lineup upgrade plan. In the first stage – between June and October – the body will reorganize the spaces in the platform and in the second one – in November – a public tender will be open to increase the offer, according to Télam news agency. Within the new plan, the priority will be the public and news channels.

Lombardi said that the new lineup will be focus  in two major aspects, “the public channels: Televisión Pública Argentina, Canal Encuentro, Paka Paka and Deportv, and the opening of the platform to news channels, since pluralism is essential for the construction of more republican life, that’s why we invite all Argentine channels to be promoted through the TDA”.

In this sense, the Media System signed the agreement with the news channel LN+, which has been available on the DTT platform since last week, at channel 25.3, as already reported NexTV News Latam. The channel, which belogs to La Nación newspaper, passed the technical tests successfully and is available nationwide.