Argentina introduces changes in regulation for pay TV, Internet services

The Government of Argentina introduced changes in the Regulation for Customers of the Services of Information and Communication Technologies, through resolution 363/2018 published in the official gazette.
Now, pay TV, telephony and Internet providers must resolve customer complaints within three business days in case of deficiencies and interruption of service, five business days in claims for billing and 10 business days for another type of claims.
In turn, customers will be entitled to compensation in the case that operators fail to comply with the established service conditions. In addition, the resolution – published by the Ministry of Modernization – requires operators to report changes in their lineups. “The provider cannot modify, substitute or eliminate the channels of the service without prior notice to the client, at least 60 calendar days in advance of the implementation, and the client can opt for the service cancellation at no cost,” the document said in article 4.
In addition, the resolution establishes that the application of the regulation is suspended for a period of three months to those licensees of information and communications technology operators that provide services in localities of less than 80,000 inhabitants and that are cooperative or small and medium companies.