Argentina delays DTH approval decision

DTH (2)

The telecommunications companies are waiting for their authorization to provide DTH in Argentina. According to Página 12 newspaper, which cites official and private sources, the government will not issue a DNU (decree of necessity and urgency) to authorize them to provide DTH and, instead, decided to debate the issue in the Congress.
For several months it has been rumored that the government will authorize telecommunicatons companies to provide pay TV through satellite technology, something that is prohibited by current legislation (they can only offer pay TV by physical link).
In September last year, the head of the National Communications Agency (Enacom), Miguel de Godoy, stated during his participation in Jornadas 2017 that it was “very probable” that the government issued a DNU to modify that restriction. Official sources indicated first that the decree would be issued in December, then in mid-January and then the deadline was extended to February.
According to iProfesional, which cites sources, the DNU is “delayed”, in part, due to the demands from companies that are investing in fiber optics. Nonetheless, the sources assured that the decision to move forward with the DNU would have been taken.
In turn, La Política Online reported, citing a source from Enacom, that in that body circulates the version that the decree would be published in the coming days.
However, Página 12 confirmed – through official and private sources – that telcos must wait for the issue to be debated in Congress.
Starting this year, Argentina is opening the telecommunications market. In this context, Cablevisión-Telecom merger become effective in January. According to Página 12 report, one possibility is that the authorization is included in the Communications Law bill, which has been proposed since early 2016. Another option is to send a separate project specifically with the issue.