ArcadiaMobileTV launches new online platform  


ArcadiaMobileTV, the mobile web TV for hosted videos, has launched its online platform for its more than 37 million users.

Producing, distributing and transmitting developed content for the purpose of advertisement, entertainment, publicity and live event coverage, the platform will be creating and partnering with content creators like Music Labels, Independent film producers and Web Series Producers.

The new platform will help stakeholders in elevating and monetizing content across Africa and will have a reach of more than 19000 sites or apps for the delivery of quality user experience. The Demand Side Platform (DSP) of ArcadiaMobileTV will have the capacity of reaching more than 37 million unique users with its collection of channels which include music, lifestyle, movies, sports, among others.

The DSP is capable of creating 5 billion impressions monthly in Nigeria and more than 280 million across Africa.

Akintunde Marinho, the CEO of Arcadia Mobile TV, stated: “The main objective for starting Arcadia Mobile TV was to create a sustainable creative industry in Africa telling African stories in the manner in which they should be told”.

Olamide Yousuph, on the other hand, said: “Arcadia Mobile TV was born and has come this far simply because of how passionate we are about digital media”.