Antina moves towards OTT content integration

Ariel Hernández, Executive Vice President of Antina, the Argentine wireless pay TV operator through UHF, highlighted the importance of developing new products through the addition of OTT content. In an interview during NexTV Series South America, the executive said they are developing hybrid set-top boxes along with two providers – Opentech and Kaon – that could begin to be implemented this year.

Hernández said that “it is an obligation” for operators to add OTT content. “We have been a little behind in the development of content via OTT, other companies in the market have won that race so it is our obligation to develop products through the aggregation of content to get closer to the consumer.”

Although the company is working to offer hybrid STBs, Hernández warned, however, that in many regions there is still a lack of connectivity, so they are also testing their own Internet service. “Our plan is also to offer data service in our area of coverage,” he said.

Antina currently operates in some cities of the area surrounding the city of Buenos Aires, using the 600 MHz band. According to the executive, “the intention is not to migrate” from that band. “We may have to migrate our offer to another type of technology, not just broadcast, but the idea is to continue in this business where we are doing quite well.”