The government of Angola is seeking financial help from China for its digital migration process. According to an order signed by the President, Angola is planning to include the analogue to digital television migration programme in China’s credit line and involve private companies to reduce government spending.


“The Minister of Telecommunications and Information Technologies must ensure all legal and administrative procedures with private entities for the subscription of 84% of the capital investment required for the capitation of TVDA,” said the order cited by Portuguese news agency Lusa.


The order said that the public broadcasting company TVDA – Serviços de Transmissão e Difusão, created for the digital migration of terrestrial broadcasting services, is now just 16% owned by Angolan Public Television.


The total cost of the analogue to digital television migration process is said to be around US$386 million and according to the initial plan, the digital migration process should have reached 117 municipalities in the country by June 2017.

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