Angola completed first phase of submarine fiber optic cable deployment

The deployment of submarine fiber optic cable of South Atlantic Cable System (SACS) is in good way. Moving at a high-speed rate and connecting Angola to Brazil, the first phase of the deployment has been completed with Angola Cables SA, the telecommunications operator of fiber-optic telecommunications cables.

In a recent statement, the telecom company has unveiled that the bearing and inspection of the route following new data connectivity infrastructure and the first phase of the site has been completed. Data collected by Angola Cabes SA will allow the determination of the best route for the optical fiber and the type of coating for the cable. This will thus reduce the risk of breakage in the high seas.

The deployment of SACS is actually being carried out by both the Angola Cables SA and NEC Corporation last year. The infrastructure will interconnect Africa with Latin America, which is a first time and will be a great facility for international high-speed data transmissions between the two continents.

The SACS, to recall, is 6200km long in the South Athlantic and is expected to operate by mid- 2018.