Andrew Semchenko, CEO of the English Club TV Group: “We are discussing our cooperation with key players and already have preliminary agreements”

The CEO of the English Club TV Group, Andrew Semchenko, in an exclusive interview with News NexTV News Latam, spoke about the strategy for Latin America, where the channel for the English language learning has been available since the last quarter of 2016.


– What are the distinctive features of English Club TV that make it attractive to Latin American audiences?

English Club TV has a lot of features that would appeal to Latin American viewers. First of all, English Club TV applies the concept of useful television that is realized through the content of educational programs, the way the viewing schedule is organized, as well as special packages (VOD content) that focus on viewers’ specific needs. There is no other channel like English Club TV, which is not only interesting, motivating and exciting, but also useful and is a good way to learn English.

We use modern methods of teaching, bright images, interactive scenes and of course entertaining features for creating a language immersion environment and making our viewers enjoy the learning process.

While watching the English Club TV channel, the viewers spend their time relaxing and reaping the benefits of learning. We offer a variety of programs for viewers with different interests and skill levels. What is more, the viewers do not need to spend hours watching English Club TV: 15 or 20 mins a day would be fine to gain new skills, bolster them and start practicing immediately.


– What is your penetration strategy for Latin America?

Our strategy is very simple and presents a two-stage approach of introducing our products into the market.  On the first stage, we inform the market about the possibility to broadcast our TV channel and its programs, and then start discussion about cooperation with the big players in the market. On the second stage, we establish contacts with medium and small potential partners depending on the country or region. The platforms should be aware of the possibility to bring something new, positive and motivating like the English Club TV. The English Club TV products give the opportunity to attract new active clients and strengthen their loyalty to the services of the platform they use. What is more, we give new monetization strategies for the platforms that provide our products.


-Have they already signed any distribution agreement in the region?

For a few months, English Club TV has been broadcast from HISPASAT satellite in a test regime.

In the meantime, we are discussing our cooperation with the key players in the market and already have preliminary agreements.


-In terms of distribution in Latam: How many households would you like to reach in the first year of operation?

For the first year our aim is to cover 250-300 K households.

It is very difficult to plan the quantity of households as it depends a lot on the strategy of our partnering platforms and their technical opportunities. Some of them can provide only a linear channel, while others are able to provide a full range of services from Kids VoD or English for Business block to 7 separate thematic packages plus the full-linear channel for English language learning. Our TV channel is already available in 99 countries worldwide covering 30+ mln subscribers operated by 400+ platforms and we are planning to expand our distribution network by covering as much of Latin America as possible.


-What is your multi-platform strategy?

Obviously, we have such a direction of business and already provide 2 web services called ECTV On-the-Go: one is for people that prefer the old-fashioned style of learning with a live stream of the channel + a full library of produced programs. The new one is created for young and active people that want to see their progress, participate in quizzes and learn while playing. Besides, together with an Israeli company we have developed an application called Speak King that helps to improve pronunciation skills. Finally, we offer an application for our potential partners with the channel’s stream and description of our products and benefits.


-Which TV production companies are you working with?

When it comes to educational content, our team has been producing it for more than 10 years. Also, we get some content from Thomson Reuters, Warner Brothers, Paramount and others.